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There is no indication that the vacancy which resulted at Reims was filled during that period.

Flodoards Historia Remensis Ecclesi records that, after Charles II le Chauve King of the West Franks returned in Belgicam (presumably indicating the Roman ecclesiastical province Belgica II, and referring to the implementation of the Aug 843 Treaty of Verdun), Ebbo left Reims and went to Emperor Lothaire (presumably in Italy) who granted him abbatiam sancti Columbani in Italia, and later to Ludwig II der Deutsche King of the East Franks who granted him in regione Saxonie...episcopium [847]: Ebbos new bishopric is confirmed as Hildesheim by the Annalista Saxo which names the first three bishops of Hildesheim Guntario et Reinberno qui per 20 annos illi eclesie prefuerunt, tercio Ebbone prius Remense archiepiscopo, post Hildinisheimensi episcopo. at the assembly held at Sermorens to decide disputes between Agilmarum archiepiscopum et Wigerium comitem.

The archiepiscopal province of Reims evolved from the Roman province Belgica secunda, with Reims as its capital.

From the point of view of civil adminstration, the boundary between the kingdoms of Neustria (to the west) and Austrasia (to the east) lay to the west of Reims.

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As contemporary sources often specify Saxon or Swabian origins where applicable, it is probably a safe assumption that Ebbos family originated in the German province of Franconia.However, Ebbo was a leading influence in the rebellions against Emperor Louis by his older sons Lothaire and Ludwig in 830 and 833.It is most likely that Thegan, in his panegyric of the emperors life, was trying to disparage Ebbo (whom he describes as inpudicum et crudelissimum in the same passage) by denigrating his family background.It cannot therefore be concluded that Ebbo was certainly of plebeian origin.Another possibility is that his mother was a lower-level noblewoman at court, who gave birth around the same time as Emperor Louiss mother and provided short-term nursing services out of convenience and loyalty.

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