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“A chill fell over turned the incident that some said could have derailed the series and threatened the entire franchise’s future into a cliffhanger.

If those first two hours didn’t turn you off, ABC was at the ready to serve you with a teaser for tomorrow’s episode, which promises to fully address the shutdown through interviews and discussions with the cast about alcohol and consent.

But to anyone who had been following the news that trickled out earlier this summer about the alleged misconduct on set, nearly every line coming from Jackson and Olympios felt excruciatingly prescient. We saw De Mario carry Corinne away to the pool, where both of them, heavily intoxicated, giggled and flirted.

Details: There are plenty of opportunity for romantic ramblings here - a gorgeous river walk, a moody lake surrounded by rare trees, the remains of a chapel in a windowed end wall and, best of all, Snowdrop Week. Just outside Manorhamilton, the waterfall is a 50-foot sheet pulled off the rocks, and Leitrim itself a ridiculously under-visited treasure.Campmates Vanessa White and Jennie Mc Alpine jump on the seesaw to pump hot water into the system while Toff washed herself down.The skimpy pink bikini clung to the reality star's curves while she got clean.Built in the 18th century and inspired by the Temple of Vesta in Tivoli, the circular folly looks over a thick strip of golden sands, Cupid-friendly cliffs and even nearby Co. It has also become a wedding venue of late, so a return visit could be on the cards... Open from late March to November, Cahir's Swiss Cottage is an ornamental folly built in the early 1800s to a design by Regency architect John Nash.Lovebirds could pause for thought (ahem) on the stone steps leading up to the site, or amid interiors such as the graceful spiral staircase and the Salon's wallpaper - one of the first commercially-produced Parisian wallpapers. Details: As difficult to describe as it is to spell, Coumshingaun is one of the most beautiful lakes in Ireland.

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