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College, Olympia (3/12/74) Susan Rancourt; Central Washington St. (5/6/74) UTAH Nancy Wilcox; (10/2/74) Melissa Smith; Midvale (10/18/74) Laura Aimee; Lehi (10/31/74) Debbie Kent; Bountiful (11/8/74) Susan Curtis; Brigham Young University (6/28/75) Nancy Baird; Layton (7/4/75) Debbie Smith; Salt Lake City (2/?

College, Ellensburg (4/17/74) Brenda Baker; Seattle (5/25/74) Brenda Ball; Burien (6/1/74) Georgeann Hawkins; University of Washington (6/11/74) Janice Ott; Lake Sammamish St. /76) COLORADO Caryn Campbell; Aspen (1/12/75) Julie Cunningham; Vail (3/15/75) Denise Oliverson; Grand Junction (4/6/75) Melanie Cooley; Nederland (4/15/75) Shelley Robertson; Golden (7/1/75) IDAHO Lynette Culver; Pocatello (5/6/75) Jane Doe; Boise (9/21/74) FLORIDA Lisa Levy; Tallahassee (1/15/78) Margaret Bowman; Tallahassee (1/15/74) Kimberly Ann Leach; Lake City (2/9/78) Theodore Robert Bundy, born Theodore Robert Cowell (November 24, 1946 January 24, 1989), known as Ted Bundy, was an American serial killer.

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There were semen stains in the crotch of her panties found near the body.

Two Lake City Holiday Inn employees and a handwriting expert established that Bundy had registered at the Lake City Holiday Inn the day before her disappearance under another name.

Bundy was identified by a resident returning home to the Sorority House, just as he was leaving with a club in his hand.In 1979, he was sentenced to death and in 1989 executed for the murder of two Florida State University sorority sisters.On November 7, 1974, Carol De Ronch, 18, was in a Utah Shopping Mall when she was approached by Bundy, who told her that someone had been trying to break into her automobile.He was recaptured but escaped again, in December 1977, from the Garfield County Jail in Colorado.He was placed on the FBI's "Ten Most Wanted Fugitives" list and was subsequently arrested, using an alias, by the local authorities in Florida for a stolen car violation in February 1978.

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