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The bottle vase measures 11" DIA X 7 1/2" H, it is in great vintage condition consistent with age and use, and is now being offered here for an excellent price.BLENKO produced it's celebrated #920 decanter, designed by Winslow Anderson around 1949, for at least 15 years, All 920's are slightly different, notice how some seem more stocky and squat while others sport the exquisite sweep and graceful curves envisioned by its designer, whose reported intent was to mimic the shape and flow of a falling tear drop. Blenko produced Amethyst throughout the 1950's through 1957, and then again from 1961-1962 (throughout which the 920 decanter was in production), This bottle is approx 23.5 inches total height and 6 inches at the base Featuring a unique smoky charcoal hue, this handmade glass vase offers timeless modern appeal.It’s cobalt blue color and gorgeous shape make the vase a perfect statement piece. Blenko Glass has been a producer of hand-blown glass since 1893. Handblown, nicely weighted with shapely stems that feel incredible in hand. A fabulous addition for a personal bar, bar cart, or colored glass collection. All glasses are in excellent vintage condition with no chips, cracks, visible damage or repairs. Perfect condition this vase stands 10” tall and measures 11” in diameter.It is currently headquartered in Milton, West Virginia. Purchased from a high-end Los Angeles estate with one of the most impressive colored glass barware collections I've ever seen! D I M E N S I O N S : 5 1/8" Tall Base = 2 7/8" Diameter Top = 2 7/8" Diameter Small Blenko blown-glass pitcher / creamer (circa 1950s) with applied handle and sculptural form. Excellent, vintage condition with no chips or cracks; there are bubbles from the hand-blowing process. Have other art glass and lots of Blenko so please take a look at my other listings.Unsigned / labeled, but pontil on bottom is crude (indicative of hand-blown glass, as opposed to mold blown, and commonly associated with Blenko's works). There are also what I believe to be two small casting flaws - one on each side - about 4 1/2" from the bottom of the bottle (pictured).Excellent, vintage condition Beautiful Blenko glass Wiggle Bottle or Puzzle Bottle. Beautiful deep purple color which I believe is called Amethyst. They do not seem to affect the integrity of the bottle and are mostly only noticeable upon close inspection. Stands 16” tall and measures 6” in diameter at widest.We offer you one of our favorite Vintage Blenko vases Hand blown glass with pontil bottom Stunning shades of oranges and yellows Adorable size, measures just under 5" tall. A pair of Blenko free form glass candle stick holders. This item appears in Blenko's 1993 catalog as item no. This vintage Blenko Decanter with the original stopper is a striking orange color and is in excellent condition, free of any chips or cracks. Unsigned / labeled, but pontil on bottom is crude (indicative of hand-blown glass, as opposed to mold blown, and commonly associated with Blenko's works).

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The richly-colored turquoise glass possesses a cool, sophisticated quality.This piece was designed in 1957 by Wayne Husted and may be seen in the Blenko book, please refer to our photos. It is very clean, free of crazing nicks and there are no cracks. Mid-Century Modern Blenko Glass hand blown Amberina/Tangerine pinched crackle glass decanter. Definitely one of the most striking art glass decanters I have ever come across! An amazing addition to any colored glass collection. D I M E N S I O N S : 12" Tall x 6 1/2" Wide Stopper = 5 1/2" Long x 4" Wide The famous Pedal Bowl by Blenko. It has great lines and it is visually striking in both color and modern shape. Small emerald green blown-glass pitcher with decorative spout and applied handle by Blenko (cica 1950s).Wayne Husted was the design director at Blenko between 1952 to 1963. Pair this with our other Blenko pieces for an amazing collection. It would be perfect displayed in a study or on a desk or just about anywhere. Perfect for room accents, and small flower bud displays. No maker label but could be Blenko or rainbow glass. Set of two authentic Blenko Glass Candle Stick Holders. Pontil on bottom is crude (indicative of hand-blown glass, as opposed to mold blown, and commonly associated with Blenko's works). Few bubbles / marks within the glass, which are factory; there are no chips or cracks, and the piece is in excellent, vintage condition.The Blenko Lab Glass Vase was designed exclusively for Rejuvenation by Blenko Glass Company, a family-owned and operated company in Milton, West Virginia that dates back to 1893.This pitcher is a classic masterpiece of 1950s Art Glass by designed by Winslow Anderson for Blenko -- and I have two available for sale (price here is for purchasing 1 only but currently the pair can still be purchased).

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