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Their profiles may say whatever: that they are from Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Samara, Volgograd, Chelyabinsk, Kiev, Odessa, sometimes even USA.

But as you know, the money wired via Western Union can be picked up at any city and at any Western Union location, so it doesn't mean anything.

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If we ban that IP range from our site, all registrations start coming through anonymous proxies.

They have their own "specialization" though: translations scams.

If Mari El mostly scam for visa and ticket, Lugansk scams for translation services.

The girls on the pictures are NOT scammers and have no idea how their pics are being used.

Sometimes scammers might pay some local girl a minimal fee to sit and pose for pictures and to pick up money at the Western Union. The gang may also have accomplices in certain Western Union locations.

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