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At about pm, the first egg has hatched, and shortly after, the new nestling received its first meal. We're back on egg watch for this Thursday, and we'll be finding out together how many eggs her final clutch will be.

The other eggs could hatch at any time, so stay tuned! 4/4/2017: After six days, a third egg appeared around am! 4/3/2017: Five days have gone by, and the female has yet to lay a third egg.

We just finished our sixth year of providing a window into a wild kestrel nest.

This box has fledged a total of 32 kestrels so far!

Thank you everyone who watched the cam and commented! 5/24/2017: Early in the morning, the nestlings were banded by Boise State University students from Dr. We can confirm that we have three females and one male nestling, and all four appear to be in good condition.Now the male and female both appear to be incubating full time, at least so far. 4/6/2017: At about pm, the female kestrel got off the eggs and revealed a fourth egg! Mysterious behavior like this is often why live cams are fascinating to watch - we can never truly expect what will happen ​and nature is completely in control​!3/29/2017: As anticipated, the female laid the second egg around am this morning. It is typical for kestrels to lay one egg every other day, so we anticipate the second one to show up on Wednesday sometime. The average clutch for an American Kestrel is five eggs, and they do not typically begin incubating the eggs fully until all five are laid.5/4/2017: Typically, American Kestrels incubate for around 27-31 days.So imagine our surprise when one of the eggs hatched a couple days early!

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