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The accomplishments of Smith & Wesson are numerous and its contributions to the history of firearms are vast.

Smith & Wesson was an industry leader in 1852 when it was first founded and continues to lead the world today with innovations into the 21st century.

The first American firearm capable of firing a fully self-contained cartridge was manufactured by Smith & Wesson in 1852.

This repeating pistol fired as quickly as the shooter could operate the lever and it was dubbed “The Volcanic,” since the rapid-fire sequence appeared to have the force of an erupting volcano.

After the war the trend to use autoloaders became more popular.

Smith & Wesson began the development of a high-grade .22 caliber rim fire target pistol in the late 1940s.

Initially conceived of as a custom-built, heavy load, deluxe handgun in 1934, the .357 Magnum revolver quickly caught the interest of law enforcement agencies.

In 1955, the first American-made double action auto-loading pistol, the Model 39, was introduced.The .38 Military & Police, now known as the Model 10 revolver, has been in continuous production since 1899, and over six million units have been produced.35 Automatic Pistol After years of development and testing, Smith & Wesson produced its first automatic pistol on May 3, 1913.The .35 Automatic featured two safety devices and was available in blue or nickel for .50.The Model 60 revolver was the first stainless steel handgun manufactured by Smith & Wesson.Originally available in a highly polished finish, the finish was changed to a satin polish after law enforcement agencies objected to the bright finish.

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