Regina spektor dating julian casablancas

When she was 16, she began trying to play open-mic nights at New York's Sidewalk Café but had little success."They made you pull numbers, and I got, like, number 747, and I didn't get to perform," Spektor said.The music video for the song was their first that was not directed by Roman Coppola.Instead they chose Jake Scott to shoot the video, which features close shots of the band members' faces, hands and instruments while performing the song.

I've seen some strange videos, but that was just creepy. Her 3 previous album and her most recent are all really good. I Caleb from Kings of Leon would send her potential song lyrics and she'd critique them and give suggestions and the like. Whats the deal with spreading chaulk all over some skinny dude who randomly appears after dropping some ceramic heart shaped necklace?

The single's B-side contains "Modern Girls & Old Fashion Men", where lead singer Julian Casablancas duets with Regina Spektor.

The official release date was delayed slightly after Casablancas objected to the song being credited as "The Strokes and Regina Spektor", claiming that it should read "Regina Spektor and The Strokes".

"I never got to play until one time I called the Café and totally lied to them.

I said 'Uh, I have a show there tonight, and I forgot when it was.' But they believed me, so everyone in my family came out to see me play.

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