Young singles dating community old folks dating

There’s something powerful about believers joining together, making each other accountable and being a sort of a witness of one another’s lives. There’s no denying that we are men and women who crave love.

We need people checking in on us, asking the hard questions, and challenging us to really live out our faith. We were made to, by a relational God who longs for us to be in relationship with him.

It’s important to learn to be real with one another, because that’s what true community is all about. Community reveals your gifts and talents (Ecclesiastes 4:9-12).

Two are better than one, because there is double the strength, double the stamina, and double the talents.

There is something real about the concept of power in numbers.

We need each other, because it’s within the messiness of relationships with one other that we’re reminded of our desperate need for him. Community gives you the chance to forgive (1 Peter 4:8-11).

Community opens your eyes to the needs of others (1 Thessalonians ).

Within community we are encouraged to look around at the needs of those around us.

Community challenges you to be more like Jesus (Hebrews -25).

Nothing makes you more like Jesus than the daily grind of interactions with others.

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